How to Become a Football Agent

Second Edition (March - June 2023)

Learn how to become a successful Football Agent from Dr Erkut Sogut and his team of high-level sports industry professionals.


How to Become a Football Agent


Second Edition (March - June 2023)

Learn how to become a successful Football Agent from Dr Erkut Sogut and his team of high-level sports industry professionals.


Creating a New Generation of Sports Agents & Talent Representatives

Dr Erkut Sogut and his global team of high-level industry professionals will help you enter the football industry and build your network.

These sessions will provide you with practical knowledge and unique exposure, giving you a competitive advantage on your journey to becoming a successful Football Agent.

Outstanding students will be offered an opportunity to work with Erkut’s team.

Football Agent Program


Price includes taxes and fees

  • Weekly live sessions with Dr Erkut Sogut
  • Weekly live sessions with our teachers
  • Weekly practical tasks
  • Preparation for the upcoming FIFA Agent Exam
  • Alumni membership and benefits (access to all future alumni networking events, guest lectures and panel discussions)

Your Course Leader

"Beyond my work as a football agent and sports lawyer, my true passion has always been teaching.

With my 20 years of experience in the world of sports, I have developed a pathway to help you join a new generation of football agents with the skills, knowledge, mentality and network to not only become successful football agents, but also bring a better reputation to the profession."


Dr Erkut Sogut


Guest Lecturers

Wael Al-Qadi

Owner - Bristol Rovers F.C

Thomas Freismuth


Kieran Gibbs

Football Player - Inter Miami C.F

Sam Porter

Owner - Club Necaxa

Michael Hefele

Assistant Manager - West Bromwich Albion F.C

Aki Hyryläinen

Sporting Director - Finland National Team


Discover what our past students have to say about the programme

Ben Arojojoye

Investment Banker
London, UK

"It can be quite challenging to build a pathway into football if there isn’t an established connection in place, Erkut’s course solves the issue and for this I cannot speak highly enough about the course conducted by him and the team!

The course was packed with lots of valuable knowledge, insights, experiences and interactions with various individuals from Erkut’s vast network.

I’m a firm believer in investing in yourself for the long term and this course was worth the time, energy and the money! "

Paolo Cucalon

Football Agent
Cali, Colombia

"I found the course extremely valuable because Dr. Sogut is a special person, honest, transparent, and highly educated, which is difficult to find in this industry. He is someone that you can trust.

Additionally, I believe that the course gave me huge value because while we were learning we were also interns at Grow Sports Management Company, which exposed us to real case studies that we worked on.

Every week we also met and spoke with many successful professionals from the industry who provided us with valuable advice and insights.

The guidance, experience and networking opportunities that this course offers are unique, I don’t believe you can find it anywhere else. I highly recommend it!"

Faheem Hamid

Senior Business Analyst
Watford, UK

"As the father of two Championship academy players, my experience with agents was not very good. At first, the thought of representing my children was daunting and I had no idea where to start, however, this programme was hugely beneficial for me.

The skills demanded of and networking ability of an agent are vast but Dr Erkut covered both theory and practice to give me the foundation to start that journey, provided me with valuable insights and introduced me to many high-level professionals within the industry through the classes.

After finishing this course, I am confident that I can effectively start to represent my children and manage their careers."

Learning Outcomes

How to start your own football agency

How to sign your first client

How to become a successful agent

How to negotiate contracts in football

How to work with football clubs

How to work with Sports Media

How to create your player's brand

How to work with other agents

How to do commercial deals

How to sign a coach as a client

How to sign youth players

How to structure your day as an agent

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